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  1. Mayorga wants to move into MMA
  2. Boxer James Toney on MMA
  3. White says Walker signing is disgusting for MMA
  4. What fighter has grown on you?
  5. Miller Snaps at EA sports
  6. More anticipated Emelianenko vs. Rogers or Lesnar vs. Carwin
  7. Nomination stage for 2009 World MMA Awards closes Wed 9/30
  8. Roy Nelson Interview
  9. Who are your favorite MMA fighters?
  10. MMA fighter sentenced for Olympia vandalism
  12. Can MMA Find a Spot in the 2016 Olympics ?
  13. Aleksander Emelianenko Makes His Boxing Debut
  14. DJ AL3 vs Dana White
  15. free agent John Alessio looking for permanent home, possibly with UFC
  16. The Simpsons do MMA
  17. War Machine Possibly Fighting For Strikeforce
  18. The next round of MMA fighters, what the future holds.
  19. Anderson Silva HL Vid
  20. The Sunday Junkie: Oct. 11 edition
  21. Marge enters The Septagon to kick some arse (video)
  22. first amateur mma fight coming up soon need support :D
  23. Evan Tanner HL Video
  24. Ultimate Glory 11: Alistair Overeem vs Tony Sylvester video
  25. Who are your favorite Ring girls?
  26. The MMA Ironman: Despite nearly 200 career wins, Fulton starting new.
  27. Who are the best trainers?
  28. Who's the hottest MMA Ring Girl, vote on yours.
  29. The Sunday Junkie: Oct. 18 edition
  30. Vote for your Top 10 MMA Lightweights in the world.
  31. Vote for your Top 10 MMA Welterweights in the world.
  32. MMA Crypt's Top 10 LW results for Oct. 2009
  33. Vote for your Top 10 MMA Middleweights in the world.
  34. MMA Fix Presents MMA Ring Girl Search 3!
  35. Vote for your Top 10 MMA Light Heavyweights in the world.
  36. Shawn Tompkins first day at TapouT
  37. Vote for your Top 10 MMA Heavyweights in the world.
  38. Aleks Emelianenko: The scariest MMA fighter outside the ring.
  39. The Sunday Junkie: Oct. 25 edition
  40. Has it really been over a year since the Gina towel slip?
  41. Inside the mind of Cecil Peoples
  42. And more Gina pictures
  43. Rampage: I'm done fighting
  44. Don King + MMA = only bad things for MMA.
  45. War Machine is a Porn Star now
  46. MMA Crypt's October 09 Top 10 Results.
  47. The Sunday Junkie: Nov. 1 edition
  48. Vote for your Top 10 MMA Pound 4 Pound in the world.
  49. Are you an Internet Tough Guy?
  50. Has Frank Shamrock been hit in the head too many times???
  51. Mark Hunt willing to take the TUF road back
  52. Going back in time - Policeman Big John McCarthy during LA riots.
  53. Classic Bas, talking dating his daughter and more.
  54. The Sunday Junkie: Nov. 8 edition
  55. MMA stars ;Train the Troops ; at military bases in recent visits across
  56. The Gogoplata Guy: Even if retirement sticks, Brad Imes left his mark
  57. Jerry Millen: Fedor Emelianenko will fight Brock Lesnar for free
  58. Big John talks EA Game, Dana and the state of the Refs and Judges
  59. Is ;Rampage ; Jackson Going To Do His Own ;A-Team ; Stunts?
  60. MMA training
  61. november scraps worth watching .....
  62. Details of Fedor's Affliction Contract and M-1's Consulting Agreement
  63. Coolio On Boxing Match: 'I Don't Plan On Losing' HAHAAAHH
  64. BEST SUBMISSION .............
  65. Justin Eilers' killer receives up to 15 years in prison
  66. Whos the best stand up coach for MMA ??? ( for hands only)
  67. MMA CRYPT in Mayan
  68. who wants bobby lashley in the ufc
  69. The Sunday Junkie: Nov. 15 edition (UFC 105 Spoilers)
  70. Takanori Gomi in the U.S., meeting with the UFC (and possibly SF)
  71. The only omoplata i seen finished in MMA ..( on a major event that is)
  72. Andrei Arlovski in 'Universal Soldier: Regeneration' trailer
  73. HUMANS by GY
  74. COURAGE by GY
  75. BROKEN by GY
  76. ROCKIES by GY
  77. Erin Toughill verbally KOs Kim Couture
  78. How long until War Machine wakes up dead??
  79. Nick Diaz gets beat up by a bike.
  80. ;Rampage ; Jackson Would Like to Thank the Academy...
  81. The Sunday Junkie: Nov. 29 edition
  82. semi pro mma/cage uk
  83. Massachusetts Governor Signs MMA Bill Into Law; UFC Event Likely Soon
  84. Alistair Overeem: Compared to MMA, K-1 is easy
  85. Bolo Yeung Tribute thread
  86. Fedor's Striking Coach: Fedor Has Slowed, But Still Fastest HW
  87. Mike's Gym burns down to the ground; Badr Hari in shock
  88. Vote for the Top 10 MMA Lightweights in the world - Dec. 2009
  89. Shinya Aoki vs George Sotiropoulos video.
  90. Vote for the Top 10 MMA Welterweights in the world - Dec. 2009
  91. Vote for the Top 10 MMA Middleweights in the world - Dec. 2009
  92. Good Alistair Overeem interview. The Family man!
  93. Tim Sylvia hopeful for NYE fight in Japan; Strikeforce bound?
  94. Frog legs: XFO 34 interview exclusive with Jeff Curran
  95. TUF 10 Finale: Kizer comfortable with Mazzagatti call
  96. The Sunday Junkie: Dec. 6 edition
  97. Vote for the Top 10 MMA Light Heavyweights in the world - Dec. 2009
  98. Hughes owns Jeremy Horn, old ADCC vid
  99. Vote for the Top 10 MMA Heavyweights in the world - Dec. 2009
  100. Ultimate K-1 vs. MMA clash
  101. Weekend plans uncertain for Jeff Monson
  102. Bobby Lashley vs Mike Cook
  103. 20 Second Capoeira KO
  104. K-1 MMA ROMANEX - Genki Sudo versus Royler Gracie
  105. Some very funny moments from the world of MMA
  106. Quick KO
  107. Just some of the reasons why Cro Cop can be dangerous
  108. Top Secret video of unseen Rickson Gracie vs Sakuraba
  109. ToeZup Fighter Austin Lyons wins
  110. whats the differance between?
  111. Removing All Doubt
  112. Mariusz Pudzianowski, World's Strongest Man, MMA Debut Video
  113. The Sunday Junkie: Dec. 13 edition
  114. 'Big' John McCarthy Faces Big Obstacles in Nevada
  115. Bellator champ Hector Lombard: ;I want Dan Henderson ; in Strikeforce
  116. Launch of Professional Mixed Martial Arts League moved to 2011
  117. Was Kimbo Slice merely a decoy for the Roy Nelson
  118. USA Today picks MMA's.........
  119. Top 14 MMA photos of the year
  120. Why don't White, Coker and Tanigawa.....
  121. The Sunday Junkie: Dec. 20 edition
  122. Who would you put into a MMA Hall of Fame?
  123. Silver Star signs Bruce Buffer as brand ambassador
  124. Rachelle Leah Back In Maxim Kinda NSFW
  125. Sports Illustrated's Top 10 MMA Fighters of Decade
  126. If Bas was fighting today, how would he do??
  127. Gabe Ruediger Interview
  128. Josh Barnett: The Biggest Loser of 2009
  129. ;Doc ; Hamilton on Improving the Ten Point Must System for MMA
  130. The 9 Most Embarrassing MMA Moments of 2009
  131. Huerta video on fighting the best LW in the world not in the UFC
  132. The Sunday Junkie: Dec. 27 edition
  133. Here are the results for the Dec. Top 10 voting.
  134. MMA continues to grow in spite of boxing's resurgence
  135. Mousasi is making his boxing debut Jan. 8th
  136. The 10 Best Submissions of 2009
  137. The 25 Greatest MMA Knockouts of 2009
  138. Fighters to watch in the next ten years
  139. Best and Worst of 2009
  140. The Sunday Junkie: Jan. 3 edition
  141. Seth Petruzelli vs Ken Shamrock in Mexico
  142. Trained in Mui Tai for the first time
  143. Seth Petruzelli dicusses his life-changing night
  144. The Sunday Junkie: Jan. 10 edition
  145. New York Governor to Propose MMA Legalization in Next Budget
  146. Comcast/DirectTV/Versus agreement possible in March
  147. Best Highlight Ever
  148. RIP Bob Shamrock
  149. 10 Worst Mismatches in MMA History
  150. MMA Montage
  151. my first official semi pro mma/cage fight
  152. sponsers
  153. The Sunday Junkie: Jan. 17 edition
  154. MMA Crypt Project, Input needed Guys
  155. Fighter I want to see back in the Cage
  156. Who would you like to see Fight?
  157. WorldCFC
  159. coker vs. white
  160. The Original WWE Guy: Lesnar and Lashley, there was Puder
  161. The Sunday Junkie: Jan. 24 edition
  162. Thirteen Months After Gruesome Injury, Corey Hill Returns With Win
  163. Crypt Bookie taking bets for Strike Force Miami
  164. Great Wand HL
  165. Vitor Belfort tribute
  166. Slams, slams and more slams.
  167. Nick Diaz vs. BJ Penn...who wins?
  168. Fighters not in the UFC that would make an impact
  169. Strikeforce & UFC Both Options For Jay Hieron
  170. Diaz vs. GSP
  171. If Jose Canseco wants to fight ... I will hurt him
  172. Jets fine coach Ryan $50K for Strikeforce middle-finger
  173. Snapshot of the Day 2: Randy Couture Trains as Batman
  174. Best Spinning Back Kick EVEAAH (Baroni voice)
  175. Team Jackson's 1st annual ;Ultimate Nugget Championship ;
  176. Melvin Manhoef, for real or glass chin?
  177. CroCop punks Mauro
  178. Cheeseheads rejoice! MMA is legal in Wisconsin
  179. Smart AA fight scene from Universal Soldier 2
  180. The Expendables Extended Trailer w/ every action hero
  181. Fight Card of Re-Matches
  182. Great fights turned into mismatches...
  183. The Sunday Junkie: Feb. 7 edition
  184. hibernating time.
  185. Unrivaled Movie Trailer With Evans, Keith, Forrest & Nate.
  186. ADCC champ Braulio Estima talks MMA debut
  187. Fedor will kick your arse in another sport also.
  188. Andrei Arlovski vs. Fres Oquendo in Exhibition Boxing Match
  189. Fistic Medicine: Dementia Pugilistica & MMA
  190. Shamrock vs. Shamrock? Ken says he's still willing
  191. Playing with Prediction Contest Winner sigs.
  192. Independent World MMA Rankings - February 12, 2010
  193. Hey MMA Madness guys
  194. The Sunday Junkie: Feb. 14 edition
  195. Adolph Hitler upset with Gegard Mousasi leaving M-1 Global
  196. Jose Canseco after his first workout with Nick Diaz: Vid.
  197. Tag Team MMA? WARNING, abolutely terrible idea inside!
  198. Josh Barnett Says He'll Fight in 2010
  199. Wanderlei Silva is going bargain hunting in Sydney
  200. Ken Shamrock loses another UFC fight (in court)
  201. Jose Canseco Learning From Nick Diaz
  202. Cobba 'The Animal' Mooney (The_Fighter) Debut fight at Brace
  204. Fedor Emelianenko In The Longest Movie Trailer Ever
  205. Barnett's appeal with CSAC delayed 4th time
  206. Top 10 finishing MMA bodyshots.
  207. Top 10 mma submissions
  208. MMA best of 2009
  209. Best of 2008
  210. Is Fedor just not smart??
  211. Mariusz Pudzianowski - you will see me in a championship bou
  212. Canseco Makes His Case For The Walker Fight
  213. Epic Beard Man.....New Randy Couture?
  214. Mixed martial arts growing in popularity
  215. Motivations, Media & Merchandise Consumption in MMA
  216. Canseco reportedly owes the IRS $320,000
  217. Antonio Mckee - ;The Only Person That Can Beat BJ Penn Is Me
  218. FUCK M-1, the official venting thread Say FUCK M-1 any way you want.
  219. Is Jorge Santiago ready to come back?
  220. Filho Gets Tyson-Esque Face Tattoo
  221. So..., you still think Fedor would own Brock.
  222. Post your Favorite MMA animated gifs thread here.
  223. If You Were An MMA Fighter (Or Are) What Would Your Intro Song Be?
  224. 'Fedor's going to have to step up and be willing to fight top level guys ;
  225. A Celebration Of Life; Carles ;Mask ; Lewis
  226. Fedor Emelianenko HL video
  227. Fistic Medicine: Becoming Superhuman
  228. Massachusetts State Athletic Commission Approves Double Weigh-In Provision (Updated)
  229. One year later, Tapout's ;Mask ; leaves positive imprint with those who knew him
  230. Vadim Finkelfuk Talks About Fedor Emelianenko Potentially Signing With the UFC
  231. Yeah I'm dreaming but...Strikeforce vs UFC match ups?
  232. Rampage Jackson highlights
  233. Patrick Cote Highlight
  234. What was your first MMA event you watched?
  235. Sparring
  236. So, you want to be an MMA fighter, watch this.
  237. Predators Movie Trailer With Oleg Taktarov
  238. Fedor vs. Yoshida potentially going down April 25th rumor only
  239. Do MMA ticket buyers have the right to boo?
  240. Ontario Premier: Sanctioning MMA Is Not A Priority
  241. Chris Red Line HL video
  242. ESPN 'MMA Live' graduates to television on ESPN2
  243. State of New York still not submitting to MMA advances
  244. Public perception of MMA
  245. Eric Bradley: Re-defining the Mould of an MMA Fighter
  246. The Sunday Junkie: March 28 edition
  247. Red Line To Fight In Japan??
  248. Quote of the Day: Alistair Overeem on Brett Rogers, James Toney
  249. The Sunday Junkie: April 4 edition
  250. Walmart selling MMA Shorts?