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  1. Welcome, don't mind the dust!
  2. Members Can Now Post In Announcement Section
  3. New Blog feature on the site
  4. Jimmy V week.
  5. The Crypt Lottery & Crypt Bank
  6. What is your favorite Style.
  7. Installing new front page Portal
  8. [GAME RELEASE] Puzzle bobble
  9. [GAME RELEASE] Stakeout
  10. [GAME RELEASE] Billiards
  11. Changed everybody to the AZ Clazzy default style for now
  12. MMACrypt will be down tonight, 1.28.10
  13. Changes I made to the site, input welcome.
  14. Crypt lottery jackpot is up past 50k
  15. Major updates coming.
  16. Just some friendly suggestions :D
  17. When do I get my next belt ?
  18. Thinking about adding an event countdown to the site.
  19. 25,000 total posts today
  20. Hey guys, I increased the amount of cash for starting threads
  21. Increased referral bonus and made it easier to use.
  22. added Spoiler tag option to the Crypt
  23. Multiple arcade tournaments to enter guys.
  24. KnoQouT Radio
  25. Hey guys, a slideshow of a few pictures while I'm in Unalakleet, Alaska
  26. Over 5000 Twitter followers right now.
  27. New Title options for Members
  28. We reached 50,000 posts in our first year, not a bad start.
  29. We are now TapaTalk able for our Members using their Cell Phones to access the site.
  30. Remembering 9/11, nine years and it still hurts
  31. Heading back up to Alaska tomorrow.
  32. Welcome John as one of the Crypt's Forum Mods
  33. Happy Birthday Joe Hostile !
  34. Happy Birthday Carnius !
  35. CoolChris1 and John Are Now Moderating All MMA Forums
  36. Props to the Chilean Miner Rescue crew, great job guys.
  37. Happy Birthday Misfit !
  38. Happy Birthday Drock !
  39. Happy Veterans Day, thanks for all you do from MMACrypt.
  40. Merry X-mas from the Crypt and Britney, Lindsay & Paris kinda NSFW
  41. Happy Birthday Rich Davie
  42. I've made a few changes to the site.
  43. Where should we post TUF stories???
  44. We've hit 8000 followers on Twitter.
  45. More Member input, which look do you prefer??
  46. 10,000 threads and counting.
  47. Just hit 9000 Twitter followers.
  48. Doing some MORE updates today, MMACrypt.com might be iffy for a while.
  49. We hit 10,000 Twitter followers this morning, woohoo :D
  50. MMACrypt will be down a while tonight, sorry but some dead bodies need to be moved
  51. Happy Birthday JCota
  52. Happy Birthday Discipline !
  53. Happy Birthday ‎CoolChris1!
  54. Welcome Kickass32 as The Crypt's Newest Moderator
  55. Why Full Text Feeds Actually Increase Page Views (The Freakonomics Explanation)
  56. Happy Birthday Bigdawg_04 !
  57. Fake bin Laden links spreading malicious software, don't be an idiot, don't click em.
  58. Happy Mother's Day !
  59. Small changes to Rep system.
  60. Happy Birthday Sandman !
  61. We passed 12,000 followers on Twitter
  62. TapaTalk on MMACrypt.com updated guys and gals
  63. Happy freaking beer Friday guys and gals.
  64. Updating a few things to the site next week June 12th - 17th
  65. Which Style do you like the best.
  66. We have made our site Forum Runner compatible.
  67. Happy Birthday MMA Guru !
  68. Happy Father's Day guys.
  69. Happy Birthday TattFlash !
  70. Happy Birthday Dirty Daley !
  71. Just noticed Maggi was a junior moderator!!!
  72. It took forever, but I've got my first Red Stripe !
  73. I removed Forum Runner from out site for now...
  74. Happy Birthday Leesel !
  75. Happy Damn Friday guys, I need some of this tonight after work.
  76. Hey guys, I'm going to be on falloutmma radio on Sunday.
  77. An Old Random Thought For My 15,000th Post
  78. Happy Birthday Kickass32
  79. TapaTalk has been updated.
  80. Doing site upgrades today, it will be up and down for the next few hours.
  81. Tapatalk 2.0 Out Now
  82. Happy Friday Everybody, thanks to the members and followers, mmmm Beeer.
  83. 20freaking000 posts and at least 127 of them were good!!!
  84. Happy birthday BigDawg_04
  85. TOP 10 rankings...suggestions
  86. Happy Birthday Dirty Daley !
  87. Happy Birthday Humblefan !
  88. We just hit 20,000 followers on Twitter, thanks guys and gals.
  89. Welcome MMA Crypt's Newest Moderator : Dirty Daley
  90. Doing some site upgrades and changes over the next few days.
  91. Tips on using the MMA Crypt Bank
  92. Happy birthday mma guru
  93. Welcome MMA Crypt's Newest Moderator : BluenoseGreig
  94. Happy birthday cisco
  95. The bank is working and paying interest again
  96. Happy Birthday Leesel !
  97. Happy Birthday Brunow
  98. Happy Birthday Misfit
  99. Happy birthday Drock
  100. UFC 154 : GSP vs. Condit - Prediction Contest, Suicide Pool and Bookie ready to go
  101. Top 10's ready for your votes
  102. ***IMPORTANT*** EXCITING New Prediction Contest Format for 2013 PLEASE READ
  103. Happy Birthday TDaddy3000
  104. Happy New Year
  105. Happy Birthday Rich Davie
  106. Post counts could be less guys
  107. Welcome BigDawg_04 as our newest Moderator at MMA Crypt
  108. It's my Birthday!
  109. Happy Birthday to Kickass32
  110. MMA Crypt Has Two New Lead Moderators : BluenoseGreig and Dirty Daley
  111. Happy Birthday to BluenoseGreig
  112. ***MMA Crypt's Latest Sexiest Ring Girl WINNER.***
  113. ***MMA Crypt Fantasy Updates****
  114. Crypt bookies for Tuf 17 final tonight
  115. Sexiest ring girls IX ready to vote on
  116. ***Crypt bookie's: Tuf 17 final Round-up****
  117. ***MMA Crypt Fantasy Round Up Following Tuf 17 Final***.
  118. $500,000 reward
  119. Ufc On Fox 7 Crypt Bookies
  120. New selection's available on 2 crypt bookies for tonight
  121. MMA Crypt's Fantasy Challenge Round-up For Ufc On Fox 7
  122. Potential questions for Ultimate Fighter: Smashes finalist Colin ;Freakshow ; Fletcher
  123. Happy Birthday BigDawg_04
  124. DIRTY'S CORNER W/ Jack Mason & Tom Watson
  125. Welcome AaronP95 as the Crypt's Newest Moderator
  126. New mma crypt fantasy mw champion crowned - chris weidman
  127. We Have Our New Sexiest Ring Girl Winner.......Jessica Sutton
  128. MY 3 year anniversary
  129. Happy Birthday to Dirty Daley
  131. Crypt Bookie: Ufc On FX 8 Parlay's
  132. Welcome InsidePy as the Crypt's Newest Moderator
  133. We have 2 new Sexiest Ring Girls
  134. The Interstate Powerball Lottery Reaches $600 Million !!
  135. BRUNOW breaks into the Crypt TOP 10 ALL-TIME POSTER count
  136. Ray Manzarek, Keyboardist and a Founder of the Doors, Has Passed Away at 74 Years Old
  137. Check Out Dirty's Corner Episodes
  138. Shootin' The Sh*t! Episode 1 (Non-MMA Podcast) (Unedited Podcast)
  139. Tapatalk down for updating right now.
  140. Happy Birthday MMA Guru !
  141. Coming Soon........King Mo Lawal
  142. MmaCrypt Welterweight 2013 F.T Winner Crowned.......
  143. DirtysMMACorner with James Thomson
  144. Happy Birthday to TattFlash !
  145. Latest DirtysMMACorner episodes
  146. Happy Birthday Ivaor !
  147. ****BRAND NEW Game for UFC EVENTS****
  148. Latest DirtysMMACorner episodes (Colin Fletcher , Che Mills + more)
  149. Happy Birthday Cisco!
  150. Happy Birthday Fishing Time !
  151. MMA Crypt Site Rules *PLEASE READ*
  152. Your Questions for James 'The Hammer' McSweeney
  153. Welcome Kickass to the Admin team.
  154. Questions for ;The ; James Krause
  155. Questions for Gabriel Gonzaga
  156. NEW BACKGROUND for DirtysMMACorner
  157. Happy Birthday Leesel !
  158. QUESTIONS for Heath Herring
  159. 10 Questions for Ivan Menjivar
  160. Happy Birthday Hired Merc !
  161. Questions for Hector Lombard
  162. Questions for Ken Shamrock
  163. Coming soon to DirtysMMACorner.........Patrick Holohan
  164. Tapatalk is now Free
  165. Bookie Parlays
  166. Happy Birthday D-Rock !
  167. New background sets for DirtysMMACorner.
  168. Questions for Francisco Rivera
  169. Upgrades are done and the bodies are buried
  170. MMA Crypt Fighting Talk Episode 5
  171. Retiring DirtysMMACorner
  172. MMA Crypt Fighting Talk - Thursday 28th Novemeber
  173. Happy Turkey day to the North America MMA fans out there.
  174. MMA Crypt Fighting Talk - Sunday 1st December
  175. Want to be a guest on MMA Crypt Fighting Talk - UFC Fight Night 33
  176. Merry Christmas to All
  177. Happy New Years everybody, drink plenty but be safe in the process
  178. Who Wants a bookie for the upcoming UFC?
  179. Questions for Valentino Petrescu
  180. Want to join us on the MMA Crypt Fighting Talk podcast?
  181. Happy Birthday BigDawg
  182. I'd like to welcome Ray Thompson as our new MMA Crypt Writer
  183. Happy Birthday Dirty Daley
  184. Happy Birthday InsidePy
  185. Join us on MMA Crypt Manger today?
  186. Happy Belated Birthday to our buddy MMA Guru
  187. Happy CANADA Day to all
  188. HAPPY 4th of JULY to all our AMERICAN FRIENDS
  189. Congrats to BluenoseGreig........................
  190. HAPPY B-day CISCO
  191. Happy Birthday Leesel
  192. Would you like to take on Alex Reid in the MMA Crypt Quiz?
  193. Happy Birthday Misfit
  194. Have your questions answered by (UFC Bantamweight) Mitch Gagnon
  195. Happy New Year CRYPTERS
  196. Happy Birthday Aaron!
  197. Looking for players to take part in our Bellator 134 (British Invasion) Quiz/Trivia game
  198. Looking for players to take part in the MMA Crypt Quiz
  199. Happy Birthday BluenoseGreig
  200. Happy Birthday Dawg
  201. Happy Birthday Dirty Daley
  202. Happy Canada day to all
  203. Happy Independence Day
  204. Any idea why its been difficult to get on the site the last week or so?
  205. Happy Birthday T Daddy3000
  207. Merry Christmas
  208. Happy New Years!!
  209. I'm looking for a quick 'fan opinion' video in on T.J Dillashaw for the MMA Crypt Show
  210. Happy Canada 150 today
  211. Happy Independence Day
  213. How we screwed ourselves lol
  214. Where do we go from here?
  215. Social Networking Accounts!
  216. Desired gifs
  217. A big THANK YOU and a Merry Christmas
  218. Site hosting has moved!
  219. Site Hosting Has Moved!
  220. Server Maintenance
  221. We are moving!