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  1. Boxing's Bob Arum launches a blistering attack on the UFC
  2. FieLDS K-1 World GP 2009 Final 16
  3. Benard Hopkins: MMA is a gay porno
  4. Pacquiao-Cotto Generates 1.25 Million Buys
  5. K-1 World GP 2009 Final pre-fight press conference Video
  6. K-1 World GP 2009 Final fights - videos
  7. K-1 World Grand Prix 2009 final results, recap and commentary
  8. Semmy Schilt is the greatest kickboxer of our time
  9. The next greatest sport to come up NSFW
  10. BIG Dynamite! Fight card announcements
  11. WCL Season 3
  12. Promoter: Pacquiao-Mayweather likely off over testing spat
  13. Pacquiao to sue Mayweathers, Golden Boy
  14. Promoter: Pacquiao-Mayweather fight is dead
  15. Van Damme Confirms Kickboxing Match
  16. Fedor vs. Aleks possible next month
  17. Mike Tyson's Greatest Knockouts
  18. Badr Hari results in Prague
  19. Facing Ali
  20. Alex Emelianenko wins gold in Combat Sambo
  21. Japanese boxer Yamaki dies after suffering brain injury
  22. Ricky Hatton to announce retirement from boxing
  23. Crypt Bookie: Joshua Clottey vs Manny Pacquiao
  24. The Biggest Little Man in the World - Manny Pacquiao
  25. Pacquiao wins unanimous decision
  26. Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling canceled
  27. Manny Pacquiao vs. Joshua Clottey estimated at 650,000 to 700,000 buys:
  28. Badr Hari Involved in Assault at Amsterdam Club
  29. Police say Valero hanged himself in cell after killing wife.
  30. Another typical Floyd Mayweather fight, results and blog.
  31. Pacquiao vs Mayweather, this much closer to NOT happening.
  32. Badr Hari whips Hesdy Gerges on route to a DQ
  33. Canseco's latest? Boxing a 60-year-old !
  34. Amateur female kickboxer dies days after KO loss
  35. Kimbo Slice to Make a Lot of Money as a Mediocre Boxer
  36. Manny Pacquiao Reveals Interest in Fighting MMA
  37. Trainer says James Toney back to MMA after IBA title defense, with or without UFC
  38. Floyd Mayweather's Racist Rant Caught On Tape
  39. Aleksander Emelianenko falls short at Sambo competition
  40. Alistair Overeem Matched Up Against Ben Edwards on K-1 World GP Final 16
  41. Hattons shitty weekend
  42. U.S.A Wrestling 22nd?
  43. Andrei Arlovski to Fight in K-1 on October 2nd
  44. Andrei Arlovski Tweets That He's Out of K-1
  45. Alistair Overeem at last night's K-1 WGP video
  46. Semmy Schilt Accused of Cheating: Will He Be Disqualified From GP?
  47. Feud Over Semmy Schilt Allegations Could Tear Kickboxing Apart
  48. Muay Thai - COCELITE?
  49. Court orders Mayweather to stay away from sons
  50. Pacquiao Beats Margarito, Urged Referee to Stop Fight
  51. Pacquiao plans to retire in three years
  52. Badr Hari is a Free Man...At Least For Now
  53. Muay Thai - Kings Cup 2010 on PPV
  54. Anybody a fan of sumo?
  55. COC-Elite Season Finale
  56. Overeem vs. Schilt: Will the K-1 WGP 2010 dream fight go down in flames?
  57. The octagon has been updated with rory singer
  58. Don't Call it a Comeback - Badr Hari's Return Announced!
  59. Biggest boxing FAIL eeevvvvaaaaaahhh!!!
  60. Cheating scandal rocks sumo wrestling
  61. Artists CRAZY Ali potrait
  62. Skinny bully gets freaking owned by fat kid
  63. Baltimore Ravens Safety Tom Zbikowski wins 2nd fight in first round
  64. Tennesse youth state wrestling championships
  65. Robles, Jenkins advance to championship matches
  66. NCAA 2011 Wrestling Champion Anthony Robles Takes the Path of Victory
  67. It's Showtime 47 Brussels Videos
  68. Dolph Lundgren VS Oleg Taktarov ( Real Boxing Match )
  69. Tyson/Klitschko debate leads to stabbing
  70. Ex-British boxer how knocked down Ali, Henry Cooper dies at 76
  71. Nick Diaz vs. Jeff Lacy Purse and TV Information
  72. Manny Pacquiao in Car Accident Hours Before Bout with Shane Mosley
  73. Manny Pacquiao wins easily, another boring boxing match in the books.
  74. Kurt Angle - The Olympic Hero Who Cried Wolf Once Too Often?
  75. Bernard Hopkins in love with his own voice
  76. Badr Hari's Return Marks the Beginning of a Risky Bet to Progress Kickboxing
  77. It's Showtime 48 14-05-2011 Lyon - Gregory Tony vs. Badr Hari
  78. Eddie Bravo vs. Royler Gracie Rematch at ADCC?
  79. Royler: ADCC head was deplorable, despicable, unethical
  80. Mayweather to fight Ortiz in September in another Boxing match no one cares about.
  81. Kimbo Slice to make boxing debut
  82. Boxing's best no match for even average UFC action
  83. Will Kimbo Slice Inject Excitement into Heavyweight Boxing ?
  84. Manny Pacquiao : DOOMSDAY FOR BOXING
  85. Potential ramifications of HBO shakeup for Boxing & MMA
  86. Greco-Roman wrestler's insane flying squirrel takedown
  87. Josh Barnett vs Bobby Lashley fight video, kind of...
  88. Breaking Down a Potential K-1 World Grand Prix Final 16
  89. Kimbo Slice Knocks Out James Wade in Boxing Debut
  90. Jared Shaw : Dana White made a Huge Mistake (Video)
  91. K-1 Grand Prix 2011 Set to Begin on October 29
  92. MMA Rules for Mayweather V. Ortiz maybe??!?!?!?
  93. ADCC 2011 Submission Grappling Championship Preview
  94. UFC Co-founder Art Davie Relaunching XARM (Video)
  95. Badr Hari Retires From Kickboxing to Focus on Boxing
  96. Is Boxing Out for the Count ?
  97. That has GOT to hurt...
  98. Kimbo Slice 2nd Pro Fight boxing video
  99. Boxing legend Joe Frazier dies at age 67
  100. World Combat League is the Shiznit!
  101. Strikeforce vet Ray Sefo announces kickboxing match with Mirko 'Cro Cop' Filipovic
  102. Forget Floyd Mayweather: Manny Pacquiao To Rematch Miguel Cotto In June
  103. Kimbo Slice Returns To Boxing Ring Against Another Undersized Opponent On March 24
  104. YES, Cro Cop vs Ray Sefo was today, here is the video of the fight
  105. Diving 101 featuring Bob Sapp
  106. Mark Hunt Highlights
  107. Alexis Davis vs. Kyra Gracie Match Added to World Jiu-Jitsu Expo
  108. Nick Diaz To Donate Entire BJJ Superfight Purse To Charity
  109. Marcus Davis brutally knocked out
  110. Title fight KO for Khan
  111. Nick Diaz a no-show for World Jiu-Jitsu Expo superfight with Braulio Estima
  112. Kimbo Slice vs Richard Dawson Fight Video - Boxing
  113. Bravo's combat jiu-jitsu finding its niche
  114. Bradley ends Pacquiao reign
  115. Amir Khan calls out Bradley
  116. Shaq Boxing match
  117. WBO hires five independent boxing judges who all rule in favor of Manny Pacquiao
  118. Joey Buttafuoco vs Chyna : Boixing Match
  119. Brutal Fight
  120. Khan Vs. Garcia Results: Danny Garcia Pulls Off Shocker Against Amir Khan
  121. Badr Hari Charged With Attempted Manslaughter
  122. Gary goodridge vs wesley ;cabbage ; correira (backstage footage & fight) - k-1
  123. Judo vs Sumo??? Video
  124. K-1 Rising 2012 Full Event (Videos)
  125. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. tests positive for banned substance after Sergio Martinez bout
  126. Roy Jones Jr vs Kimbo Slice: Exhibition Fight Reportedly Taking Place in Jamaica
  127. Kimbo Slice fought a dude nicknamed 'The Can' over the weekend (Video)
  128. Mirko Cro Cop Gets Sucker Punched in K-1 Bout (Video)
  129. Rumors circulating that boxing legend and trainer Emanuel Steward has died
  130. *VIDEO* Rick Roufus is amazing!
  131. This is one of the reasons I'm not a fan of entertainment wrestling (Video)
  132. Boxing legend Hector Camacho shot
  133. MMAcrypt.com Interviews 3 time World Muay Thai Champion Sindy Maricic
  134. Dan Hornbuckle in against Pete Spratt at Legacy FC 17
  135. Copa Podio Heavyweight Grand Prix (BJJ) 2013
  136. Best boxing fail.
  137. Coach of Russian Olympic gold medal winner blames gay conspiracy for wrestling's possible removal from games
  138. Joe Rogan Tae Kwon Do Fight - Spinning back kick KO (Video)
  139. Who is Next For Canadian Boxer Andrew Gardiner?
  140. Tony Thompson KOs David Price; Settles Tyson Fury Debate?
  141. UFC's Wanderlei Silva coaches his son Thor through his 1st jiu-jitsu tournament win at NAGA (Video)
  142. Simon Marcus on facing Artem Levin at Lion Fights, growth of Muay Thai, MMA & Anderson Silva (Video)
  143. Kevin Ross talks about fight with Bernie Mendieta in Lion Fights, instagram support from Nick Diaz (Video)
  144. Artem Levin talks about fight with Simon Marcus at Lion Fights, wants to train with Jon Jones (Video)
  145. Artem Levin Workout for Lion Fights against Simon Marcus for WBC Muay Thai Light Heavyweight Title (Video)
  146. Scott Kent talks about Lion Fights: Artem Levin vs Simon Marcus, AXS TV & growth of Muay Thai (Video)
  147. Simon Marcus open workout for Lion Fight Promotions vs Artem Levin (Video)
  148. Natalie Yip talks about pro debut against Tiffany Van Soest in Lion Fights (Video)
  149. Tiffany Van Soest talks about fight with Natalie Yip at Lion Fights live on AXS TV (Video)
  150. Mirko 'Cro Cop' Filipovic wins the 2013 K-1 World Grand Prix title (Video)
  151. Tyrone Spong is a Beast!
  152. Cat 'Alpha ; Zingano (Tiger Muay Thai/Zingano BJJ) at Patong Thai Boxing Stadium (Video)
  153. Paraguayan National Submission Grappling Championship
  154. CombatSport.TV - MMA - Neil Wain v Ric Dale Doncaster Dome May 19th 2012
  155. Metamoris Pro Jiu Jitsu Invitational II Fight Card releases
  156. Tyson fury punches himself in the face
  157. Paraguayan National Submission Grappling Championship Results
  158. Metamoris 2 Results: Kron Gracie submit Shinya Aoki
  159. Sad sight of Riddick Bowe being beat up in Muay Thai bout
  160. GLORY 9 results: Tyrone Spong captures light-heavyweight tournament
  161. GLORY aims to make kickboxing must-see TV, and steal big slice of combat sports pie from UFC
  162. Kickboxing and MMA star Semmy Schilt retires
  163. GLORY, Spike sign multi-year broadcasting deal
  164. GLORY open to sharing talent with Bellator
  165. UCMMA 34: Galore Bofando Vs Peter Irving
  166. Johnny Chapelow Vs Harry Ettridge - HGH - Muay Thai
  167. UFC lightweight champion Ben Henderson wins two gold medals in first Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament as a black belt
  168. Jim Miller-Cole Miller, John Dodson-Scott Jorgensen matched at UFC Fan Expo
  169. Check out this brutal boxing knock out (Video)
  170. Cris Cyborg vs. Martina Jindrova Muay Thai fight booked for Sept. 20 on AXS TV
  171. Mike Tyson claims to be on the verge of dying; says 'I've been lying to everybody else that think I was sober'
  172. Wrestling is staying in the Olympics!
  173. Floyd Mayweather guaranteed $41.5 million fight purse for PPV showdown with Canelo Alvarez
  174. K-1 MAX 2013 results:
  175. C.J. Ross same judge that screwed up Pacquiao Bradley, flagrantly botches Mayweather vs Canelo
  176. Video: Highlight of Cris 'Cyborg' Justino's beatdown of Jennifer Colomb at Lion Fight 11
  177. Kickboxing organization SuperKombat announces new partnership, looks to the future
  178. Black Country Fight Night - Nathan 'The Chairman' Wyman VS Ada
  179. Cris Cyborg vs. Jennifer Colomb full fight video
  180. Floyd ;Money ; Mayweather - 17 year's of PERFECTION S.M.S PRODUCTION.HD
  181. GIF: Tyrone Spong KO's Nathan Corbett in rematch at Glory 11
  182. ADCC cuts Palhares
  183. Rousimar Palhares vs. Dean Lister set for 2013 World Jiu-Jitsu Expo
  184. KO via elbow, shin to the teeth, throwing in towel at Lion Fight 12(video)
  185. Olympic gold medalist Jordan Burroughs says 'brutal' MMA is not for him
  186. World Jiu-Jitsu Expo: Jon Fitch, Jake Shields both fight to draws in feature matches
  187. Early Roy Jones Junior: One of the Greatest of All Time...
  188. Manny Pacquiao takes a dominant UD over Brandon Rios
  189. Cro Cop signs with GLORY, expected to make in-ring debut on March 8 in Zagreb, Croatia
  190. Best Of Glory 2013 S.M.S Productions.HD
  191. Knuckle (2011) - Irish Bare-Knuckle Fighting Documentary
  192. Frankie Edgar Wrestles Phillipe Nover at Grapple at the Garden (Video)
  193. Interview Exclusive: Al Bernstein on state of boxing, Mike Tyson, Pacman, PBF
  194. HEAT SPORTS 25 - Joe Emmons vs Scott Rogan U.K1 Title
  195. The Good Son/Ray ;Boom Boom ; Mancini
  196. Glory announces Cro Cop vs Bonjasky in Zagreb; Denver show rumored
  197. Brutal KO in women's boxing
  198. GLORY 13 ratings: 'Tokyo' kickboxing event soars with 659k viewers on Spike TV
  199. Vitali Klitschko retires and relinquishes WBC belt! Next to fight for the belt is.....
  200. The 20 Greatest Wrestling Matches Between Future MMA Stars, Part 1: 20-17
  201. Pacquiao vs Bradley rematch likely for April 12, 2014
  202. The 20 Greatest Wrestling Matches Between Future MMA Stars, Part II: 16 and 15
  203. Canelo Alvarez PPV and Julio Cesar Chavez vs Bryan Vera highlight early 2014 boxing schedule
  204. Eddie Bravo vs. Royler Gracie full video preview for Metamoris 3 rematch on March 29 in Los Angeles
  205. With new reality show set to debut, Dana White won't rule out possibility of promoting boxing
  206. GLORY 14 fight card and line up set for 'Cro Cop vs. Bonjasky' on March 8 in Zagreb, Croatia
  207. WWE Royal Rumble 2014 Preview
  208. One of the Greatest Kickboxing fights I've ever seen...
  209. Glory 14 Zagreb fight card announced: Andy Ristie returns, MW tournament, plus Cro Cop vs Bonjasky
  210. Pat Barry signs with Glory: Former UFC fighter will make his Glory debut in May
  211. Kickboxing News: Badr Hari returns, Pat Barry update, Glory 14 title fight, and more
  212. George Zimmerman turns down Jon Jones bout, opts to fight DMX in celebrity boxing match
  213. Lion Fight 14: Cris Cyborg vs. Jorina Baars title fight booked for March 28 in Las Vegas
  214. Paul 'Semtex' Daley 'K-1 style' kickboxing debut set for Feb. 15 in England
  215. Celebrity fight between rapper DMX, George Zimmerman called off (Reuters)
  216. Is Amir Khan really the best opponent for Floyd Mayweather? (Yahoo Sports)
  217. Canelo Alvarez may be boxing's second-biggest star, but he's still looking to rebound (Yahoo Sports)
  218. Pacquiao, Bradley face enhanced testing in Vegas (The Associated Press)
  219. Olympics-Alpine skiing-Mae's Thai team mate packs a punch (Reuters)
  220. Dual Summer and Winter Olympic medallists (Reuters)
  221. Martinez to defend 160-pound title against Cotto (The Associated Press)
  222. Badr Hari sentenced to jail for assault
  223. Family of Russian boxer injured in NY plans suit (The Associated Press)
  224. Miami marks 50th anniversary of Ali's boxing match that 'shook the world' (Reuters)
  225. Casal returning to ring after near-fatal assault (The Associated Press)
  226. Mayweather to face Maidana on May 3 (Reuters)
  227. Former boxing world champion killed in Venezuela (The Associated Press)
  228. This two-time Olympic gold medalist could be boxing's next big star (Yahoo Sports)
  229. Casal's fight cancelled after Moore fails physical (The Associated Press)
  230. Why Nevada's ban on TRT exemptions is a good thing (Yahoo Sports)
  231. Chavez Jr makes weigh-in for Vera bout (The Associated Press)
  232. Salido outpoints Lomachenko in featherweight bout (The Associated Press)
  233. Watching some boxing...
  234. Why Saturday's win was Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.'s most important yet (Yahoo Sports)
  235. Former world champion boxer arrested in Florida (The Associated Press)
  236. Mirko Cro Cop: 'It's not Fedor's job to act like my mother'
  237. Wembley to host Froch-Groves II in May (The Associated Press)
  238. Eddie Bravo's Metamoris 3 guide for the casual BJJ fan
  239. Mayweather-Maidana fight set for MGM Grand (The Associated Press)
  240. IBF light middleweight champ Carlos Molina jailed (The Associated Press)
  241. What we'll learn about Canelo Alvarez on Saturday night (Yahoo Sports)
  242. Canelo Alvarez wants to put Mayweather in past (The Associated Press)
  243. Controversial stoppage can't cloud Canelo Alvarez's dominant win over Alfredo Angulo (Yahoo Sports)
  244. Glory 14
  245. Alvarez rebounds by stopping Angulo in 10th (The Associated Press)
  246. Glory 14 results
  247. [video] man submits to 'fartoplata' in bjj competition
  248. Carl Froch v George Groves: 60,000 tickets sold as Groves demands neutral referee for Wembey fight
  249. Chinese heavyweight boxer headed to US (The Associated Press)
  250. Why middleweight champ Sergio Martinez pushes himself beyond the limit (Yahoo Sports)