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New 24-10, 15:48
until it dies that is lol, who knows
New 24-10, 15:47
Guys, we're over at https://new.mmacrypt.com, come join us there and check out the new digs. We'll be switching it to https://www.mmacrypt.com and I'll rename this one https://old.mmacrypt.com and set it to read only so it's available for record purposes
New 07-10, 02:27
you da man
New 05-10, 23:40
Don't worry, I'm working on something new!
New 05-10, 13:10
I'm sad
New 02-10, 17:37
This is so broke
New 09-05, 19:15
PVZ sports illustrated model shoot https://www.mmaweekly.com/sports-ill...-photo-gallery
New 06-05, 17:24
UFC 237 Bookie will be up tomorrow
New 06-05, 17:24
week 2 of the season PC is up as well as the survivor pool
New 04-05, 07:04
CC has been reset
New 29-04, 17:24
New season of contests start this weekend
New 04-04, 20:11
Khabib and Conor trash talk gets to the next level
New 24-03, 21:03
Leaked NUDES of Miesha Tate out there on line
New 12-03, 15:30
Oh Conor done messed up again....he needs to layoff the coke
New 11-03, 19:35
Contests are now up
New 03-03, 05:14
found it, it's been so long
New 03-03, 05:14
New 03-03, 05:08
Oh except spoilers lol
New 01-03, 23:31
Just a heads up, Matt is doing some work on the site late tonight so it will be unavailable for a short period
New 25-02, 21:49
Contests are up for UFC 235....INCLUDING a new Survivor pool open to EVERYONE
New 14-02, 17:29
Site is acting screwy again...can't reply with quote,,slow
New 13-02, 23:00
Haha - it's electrical magiks
New 12-02, 18:26
Site is better now that Matt has done something to it......not sure what, but something
New 11-02, 18:34
The site is acting very srewy lately
New 13-01, 21:45
The new season for all the contests starts on Sat. with UFC FN 143. Contests are now up
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