by Rainer Lee @TheRainerLee Sep 26, 2016, 3:30p

Greetings, mutherfukers. As all red-blooded MMA fans should know by now, Ben Saunders is back on the UFC rosterthanks to a lightning-quick submission of fellow UFC vet Jacob Volkmann. The fight, which served as the main event of Minnesota's Fight Night at the Island, lasted less than 30 seconds, with Volkmann quickly shooting for a takedown, only to be wrapped up in a triangle choke, which Saunders then altered into a fight-ending armbar.

Saunders (20-7-2, 7-4 UFC, 7-3 Bellator) remains undefeated in regional competition; Volkmann (19-7, 6-4 UFC, 1-1 WSOF) slips to 3-2 since a brief run in WSOF.
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