Cris Cyborg has long played the 'victim' on social media. Claims that the UFC haven't given her a 'fair crack of the whip'.

So far, the UFC have hired Cris under contract and paid for her to fight over in Invicta. They've brought her into the UFC at a catchweight of 140lbs to fight in her home country of Brazil against some 135lbers to set her up for a 'MEGA-FIGHT' with Ronda Rousey. Cris struggled and cried with the weight cut - because the roids are holding on to the water in her body.

So with that - the UFC bend over backwards and start a UFC 145lbs Division ; a division that the UFC want Cris to be the potential first champion in. So how does Cris repay the UFC? She turns down 2 title fights at 145lbs.

The UFC can only take so much - so the set up: Holm vs. Randamie for the first 145lbs strap. Jealousy sets in, and Cris heads straight for social media to brainwash the fans further into thinking that she's some type of victim by the UFC. recording this video - Cris has failed a drugs test, and is still coming the excuses. Naughty verity isn't about excuses - she's about the TRUTH! On this episode - Naughty Verity delivers you the truth! Tune in and enjoy.