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Thread: We have a 'sex maniac' in Derrick lewis! @RondaRousey @travisbrowneMMA

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    We have a 'sex maniac' in Derrick lewis! @RondaRousey @travisbrowneMMA

    After nearly MURDERING Travis Browne with his 'extra punches', Derrick Lewis gave us a peak into his warped mind - as he got on his hands & knees and proceeded to gaze at Travis's unconscious body on the ground. Not satisfied with that, Derek had to brag about his sex-life by telling interviewer - Brian Stan just 'how much sex he's been getting'.

    Then things took a turn towards the darkness. Derrick unravelled his sexual desires towards Travis's poor defenceless girlfriend - Ronda Rousey in his post fight interview. Since his WICKED post fight interview, Derrick has gone on to harass and stalk Ronda Rousey.

    Therefor, Naughty Verity is here to highlight the warning signs shown by Derrick Lewis, and try to protect Ronda Rousey & the ring girls, by making Derrick see the 'error of his ways'.

    Enjoy and pass on to Derrick.

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