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Thread: Glory Kickboxing: Badr Hari/Hesde Gerges

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    Glory Kickboxing: Badr Hari/Hesde Gerges

    Just watched a Glory kickboxing match, Badr Hari vs. Hesde Gerges. I remember Hari from K1, used to be a pretty bad dude. Anybody with 91 KO's on their record...

    So I remember five round fights being more common, maybe that's a championship fight, not sure. Three three minute rounds is not much to judge from in my opinion. Funny, this fight was in the Netherlands, but they cheered for Hari, who I guess is from Morocco, over Gerges, who is a home boy.

    Decent fight, but three three minute rounds, seemed like they were just getting going when it ended. Gerges was gassing, Hari looked good. Commentators said Hari came in 30 pounds lighter than his last fight, guess he hasn't been very active. After watching so much MMA, kickboxing three short rounds, not really that exciting, at least in this fight. Would like to have seen this one go five...
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