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Thread: Israel Adesanya: the real deal...

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    Israel Adesanya: the real deal...

    Didn't see a thread on this event, but had to comment about this new talent.

    Just watched what I think could be the most promising new fighter I've seen in a long time. Hadn't seen Adesanya before, but what a great showcase for him. Dominating a top ten guy like that, as tough as Tavares was tonight, really says something to me.

    Yeah, I can already hear it, if Tavares had stronger wrestling, it may have been a different fight, but damn, this kid is something else. Two immediate, and pretty obvious, comparisons come to mind.

    Stand up skills compare in my mind to Stephen Wonderboy Thompson. Adesanya threw one sort of overhand right that missed, but it was so fast it was almost blinding. His defensive movement was really on point, with great lateral movement with the upper body, slipping tons of close shots and returning fire with laser accurate counter-punching. His takedown defense was good all night, and when he did get taken down, he was not a fish out of water. He seemed relaxed and able on the ground, and that leg attack at the end of round one was pretty impressive to me. Oh, and then there's the kickboxing record, 75-4...

    Physically, Israel is a long lean 6'4" with an 80 inch reach, and all I could think of tonight was a middleweight analog of Jon Jones. When Adesanya started hitting those standing elbows, and then tore up Brad's eyelid with that razor slash, I was here on the couch just yelling at the TV. Some of his body kicks hurt me, and he also did some work off the plum clinch that was just excellent.

    Israel mentioned a possible fight with Uriah Hall, which I think would be a great fight if Hall shows up. I think a match with Wonderboy would be amazing. Already imagining a potential challenge against Woodley, but I'd like to see Adesanya do some more work before taking on that level of wrestling ability. With another year of training, concentrating on the wrestling/grappling aspect, looks to me like we might be seeing the advent of a legit title challenger.

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    He does seem to have the physical gifts and tools plus the personality to boot
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    Agreed Mu, Adesanya is a hell of a talent and fun as hell to watch also. I follow a few guys on Twitter who watch a shitload of MMA all over the world and they'd been talking this guy up for a long time before he finally made his UFC debut, so I was pretty pumped for his debut on the Aussie card earlier this year, and damn he's moved fast. That's his third win since February and he just beat the no.8 ranked guy. He should probably be looking way past Uriah Hall at this stage, but maybe a little slow down wouldn't be a bad thing.
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