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Thread: My 20 Bold MMA Predictions for 2019

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    The times I've heard Dan Hardy, thought he did a good job. I like the enthusiasm, coupled with cage knowledge and inside info from a fighter's perspective. If John Gooden is the guy who does European events with Hardy, thought they were a decent team.

    Personally, I've always thought Dominick Cruz had the most technical insights, that he seems to see a lot that most of us don't in terms of small variations on larger themes, but he can be somewhat dry at times, almost too analytical. I like Cruz as a fighter, and have enjoyed him as an analyst.

    DC as commentator has a lot of enthusiasm, which I like, communicates a lot of excitement for the fights and fighters, but is a bit wrestler heavy if that makes any sense. Yeah, wrestling is dominant in MMA, but there's still a lot more to it than just wrestling background, in my humble opinion... After DC KO'd Stipe, don't think there's any legit questions about him as a fighter, maybe one of the best ever, but there's still the spectre of Jon Jones as DC's nemesis...

    Paul Felder is a personal favorite, both as a fighter and as a commentator. For one he's a Philadelphia home boy, and two he's a blue collar nuts and bolts kind of analyst, lots of good insights into technique, but also seems to know a lot about many of the fighters from the inside. Felder also seems like a genuine fight fan, and shares that with us...

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